Baule couple (sold)

Baule couple 45 cm high reproduction of a Baule couple, carved by a Baule artisan from Ivory Coast.

These sculptures are an example of the employment of  metal work with wood, giving as a result equilibrated compositions, technically superior and aesthetically beautiful, worth to be inhabited by gods and spirits. The searching of beauty is one of the features of the Baule art. The sculptures use to be standing. Arms are joined along the body, and the hands rest on the prominent stomach. The bendind legs are short and fat. The head and the navel stick out of the rest of the body, as it is seen in most of African statuary. The head is disproportionately big. The face shows almond-like and almost closed eyes, enarched brows, fine nose and small mouth. The hairdo is very important, and consists of a big central knot, and fine grooves imitating hair. Baule sculptures can represent ancestors (Blolo), or spirits of nature (Asie Usu). When they represent Blolo, the sculptures are looked after as if they were real people.

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